A home inspection consists of a visual inspection of the accessible components and materials of the home and/or property. Using a sophisticated 3D Inspection System software, a computer generated inspection report describing these observations and conditions is submitted to the client. The inspection is broken down into several categories: Client Information; Grounds; Exterior; Basement; Roof; Electric; Heating; Plumbing; Kitchen; Bath; Interior; Laundry Area; and Garage.

The following are the many different types of inspections Arizona Home Inspections, llc performs:

  • New Home Inspection Tucson

    New Home Inspection

    There are good reasons to have a professional New Home Inspection. A professional new home inspection can substantially reduce the risk in your new home investment…

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  • Builder Warranty Inspection Tucson

    Builder Warranty Inspection

    Hard to believe a year has gone by since you moved into your new home. This may be your last opportunity to inform your builder of items that need repairs, improvements, or were not…

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  • Pre drywall inspection tucson

    Pre-Drywall/Phase Inspections

    Building a new home is a complex endeavor. It involves many people. Even for the most competent of builders, it is virtually impossible to complete the home without missing something…

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  • multi-family unit inspection tucson

    Multi-Family Property

    How many times have you looked at a Multi-Family or Commercial property and thought that the property was in good shape? But is it really? Or that a property looks really run down…

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  • Residential Resale Inspection Tucson

    Residential Resale Inspection

    A professional home inspection can substantially reduce the risk in your home investment. It just makes sense to learn as much as you can about the quality of your home, before signing…

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  • Pre listing inspection tucson

    Pre-Listing Home Inspection

    Pre-Listing Inspections are designed to help home sellers prepare their home for sale. This inspection provides the seller a list of repair items that might be brought up during a routine home inspection…

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  • Tucson Manufactured Home Inspections

    Manufactured Home Inspection

    While having a manufactured home inspection may seem like just another hoop you have to jump through in order to secure financing, the reality is, requiring an inspection is one of the best…

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  • Tucson Pool & Spa Inspections

    Pool & Spa Inspection

    Just as a home inspection informs you about the condition of the home you are interested in purchasing, a pool inspection informs you about the condition of the pool…

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  • Tucson Hostoric Home Inspections

    Historic Home Inspection

    Buyers of older and Historic properties have many more concerns than if they were purchasing a structure with newer components. An additional challenge is finding an inspector with the experience needed…

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  • Foster Care Safety Inspection tucson

    Foster Care Safety Inspection

    Arizona now requires a safety inspection for all Foster home care providers. A letter from a Licensed Contractor stating the foster home has no safety concerns or code issues for their license renewal…

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