Home Inspector in Tucson Arizona missed a big one?

Jack  -  Feb 20, 2017  -  Comments Off on Home Inspector in Tucson Arizona missed a big one?

Like many illnesses, some house problems don’t show up overnight. A blocked or damaged sewer line often falls in this group. Jack Randall, a Home Inspector in Tucson recommends spending a little extra to have the sewer lines scoped. Blocked or damaged sewer lines are very common and discovered on a routine basis.

We run water through the fixtures and drains, but we’re there for a limited time, The typical Home Inspection is two to four hours and that might not be long enough for the problem to reveal itself. Jack has inspected 5-6000 homes over the years and only been “lucky enough” to have the sewer lines back up during the Home Inspection a few times. That’s the last thing you want to happen after our clients move-in.

As part of our routine Home Inspection, ARIZONA HOME INSPECTIONS by Jack Randall takes extra time to survey the drain waste vents and Clean-outs for signs of a previous Roto-Rooters– this is one of the most important keys for a home inspector in Tucson to determine the condition of the underground sewer lines. We also look for trees or stumps in the line of the sewer /septic system that could cause damage. However, when it comes to sewer-pipe scoping (sending a camera down the line), it’s not typically included in a standard inspection but always recommended!

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