Pack Rats in Tucson!

Jack  -  Sep 08, 2012  -  Comments Off on Pack Rats in Tucson!

As a Home Inspector in Tucson, AZ, I see Pack Rat nests and damage to homes all the time.  However, I have never come across damage to the interior of the main Electrical Panel – that is until a recent routine Home Inspection.

The picture above shows the main service cables entering in the pan with the sheathing having been eaten off exposing the live wiring.  How those little guys can stay alive and not ground out and electrocute themselves amazes me.

Pack Rat damage can be a serious problem here in Tucson and the surrounding areas. Most homes here are near natural desert where these pack rats run wild.  On several Home Inspections I have found nesting in the attics or crawl spaces of home.  The worst damage occurs with a seasonal residents and snow birds who are often not in their homes for long periods of time along pack rat activity to go unnoticed.

This is yet another great reason for you to get a home inspection completed by Jack Randall.  You need to have a professional Tucson home inspector that will actually crawl into the attic or crawl spaces of your home and seek out any potential pack rat damage or by any other unwanted critter or pest.  Call Jack Randall today (520)661-7929

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