Disturbing Well Water found during a Home Inspection in Vail

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Home Inspection in Vail | Disturbing Well WaterDuring a routine Home Inspection in Vail Arizona, the home inspector Jack Randall with Arizona Home Inspections found this 1995 manufactured home to be far from a routine inspection.

For the age of the home, the usual suspects came up during the inspection like Polybutylene piping, mold, drain leaks, bees, roof needs replaced, etc. But Just when you think you have seen it all, you turn on the tub faucet and see something that makes you catch your breath.

This well water was unbelievable. The water was black in color and smelled like the sewer. It was so bad it was difficult to breath inside the home.  To top it off after attempting to flush out the plumbing system the holding tank went dry.

Home Inspection in Vail AZ | Disturbing Well Water

What is even more surprising to Jack during this home inspection in Vail, the seller that he met there at the home either didn’t know about the water system and conditions or was trying to pull a fast one.

In the end, the roof, plumbing, and the well system were all replaced totaling over $10,000.

This is just another great example to get a professional home inspection.

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