Historic Home Inspection

Historic Home Inspection Tucson | Tucson Historic Home Inspector
Having a new or existing home inspected before purchase is almost standard practice in today’s real estate market. Aside from revealing costly defects, Arizona Home Inspection LLC by Jack Randall helps educate buyers on a home’s features and systems.

Buyers of older and Historic properties have many more concerns than if they were purchasing a structure with newer components.  An additional challenge is finding an inspector with the experience needed to understand the original structure and to offer insight into the changes that have occurred to the home over time, like Arizona Home Inspections LLC by Jack Randall.

Here are the top concerns voiced by potential purchasers of older homes:
• Remaining service life of major systems. (e.g., old knob & tube wiring,  cast iron pipes, asbestos roofing materials)
• Presence of building materials no longer in use due to health concerns.
• Undersized electric service for today’s needs.
• High heating costs from inefficient heating systems and uninsulated spaces.
• Damage to the structure from alterations, age, weather or insects.

Hiring an experienced Tucson home inspector is a major key toward successfully purchasing a historic home in Tucson Arizona.

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