Jack, Thank you for your thorough work and patience with the client’s questions. Also really appreciated your detailed report which was easy to read and understand. I would absolutely recommend you. Thanks!  ~Adrienne 4-11-14


Jack, Thank You for the inspection report on our new home. We were very impressed with the way you conducted the inspection, it was very thorough and professional. We have never seen such a complete and detail inspection the way you conducted it. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who require an inspection on a home.Thanks again for the report. ~ TOM and KAY 8-28-12


I am preparing to sell my house. Scott Gray did a pre-inspection on my house so that I could be prepared for the sale. He was very accommodating and very thorough. He did an outstanding job of showing and explaining his various findings and observations. I appreciate his willingness to go out of the way to help me as his client. I will certainly request his services again and will refer him to any of my friends who are in the market for a home inspection.
~ Krissy 3-10-15

Jack has performed 90-some percent of the home inspections for my buyers since sometime in 2007. He came highly recommended by a top agent in my office, and I heartily endorse him and his work. Having attended inspections of my listings performed by other inspectors (when other agents have their inspectors look at my listings during the contract process), I can confidently assert that Jack’s work is among the most-detailed I have seen. I believe he gives my clients the most-complete picture of the property possible, thereby minimizing unpleasant surprises. His reports are delivered in a very-timely fashion, and he responds to follow-up questions quickly and professionally. Jack also has a great manner with clients and with homeowners and is talented at phrasing his findings in a way that conveys information factually and objectively. I would have Jack inspect any purchase I made without hesitation.” Service Category: Home Inspector Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time. ~ Kimberlyn Drew, Long Realty


Jack Randall is an extraordinary home inspector, with deep knowledge of home construction and repair; he is thorough, detail-oriented, and very personable with the prospective buyers. He gives a complete tutorial on the house and its issues, whether it’s a 1902 Victorian, a 20’s bungalow (my specialties!)…. or a new frame stucco subdivision home. He coaches and teaches the client, never passing judgement on their choice of home. “There’s nothing that can’t be fixed” is my mantra, and Jack reiterates that often. I’ve worked with Jack for ten years, with literally hundreds of home inspections, and have been 100% happy with his services to me and for my clients. I recommend Jack most highly.” Service Category: home inspector Year first hired: 2002 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity. ~ Susan Denis, Habitaion Realty


All in all I’’ve got to say that the inspection is one of the best I’’ve seen. I’ll take another run through this afternoon for the bang-plates and nailing issues. Tomorrow I’ll verify that the spliced sill plate in the master is good to go. Otherwise we’re in good shape. The house is insulated and the drywall is being hung as we speak. Thank You.
~ David M.(Construction Superintendent, Pulte Homes Corporation – Tucson Division Monticello) 9-29-20-07


I am buying 8 Rental units at W Roger Rd in Tucson.  Jack Randall of Arizona Home Inspections did an outstanding job or inspecting these properties for me.  Jack thoroughly examined Electrical, Plumbing, Roof, AC, Termite damage and all construction. He did a careful and exhaustive analysis.

These 8 Units represent 740,000 investment for me. My down payment of 370,000 is my entire life’s savings of 69 years of hard work.

I’m grateful to be moving to Tucson.  I’m now optimistic that I will meet more honest and highly competent service people like Jack Randall of Arizona Home Inspections, in this wonderful city. ~ Ron B. 2-26-05

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